Friday, 15 May 2009

No Fear, No Force!

NO FEAR, NO FORCE - A new Book by Sarah Weston

“Sarah has an exceptional ability with unhandled and semi-feral ponies and a straightforward way of teaching others to work with them in the same way”.
Kelly Marks

Every foal should come with a copy of this book! Whether unhandled, manhandled or badly handled, this book enables anyone to tame and train their foal using techniques that create a lasting bond and real confidence. Placing the emphasis on touch first, the techniques describe a logical approach to establishing contact with your foal based on his own psychology without resorting to physical restraint.

The author, Sarah Weston, is a Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship, based in the New Forest.

“I wanted to devise a technique that would help wild foals to adjust to a domesticated life quickly so that they stood more chance of staying in their first home and wouldn’t end up in a downward spiral; the techniques described in my book have worked with every breed of wild or nervous foal that I have worked with and for other people too.” SARAH WESTON

This book will create a new tradition in foal handling.
Profusely illustrated throughout in full colour.

You can order online through the NFED - CK Art Shop

Price £16.00 plus P&P

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